The JQG Mystery unfolded

During July and August 2020, the members of Jacaranda Quilters Guild embarked on a mystery quilt challenge as a way to stay active in the guild.

Most of the participants used fabric in their stash. The blocks were revealed, one at a time, in a grey-scale pattern, Each quilter could then choose their own colours and complete the block, or multiples of the blocks as required.

The Mystery WhatsApp group served as a communication tool where we shared blocks, discussed methods, pondered colours and learned to rip with the seam correcter thing-y and press with the seam flattener thing-y.

We discussed patterns, vacuum cleaners (yes), recipes and looked at the other beautiful quilt work that the other members of the guild are doing.

Other projects by JQG members during this time

The Whatsapp group also had a group of cheerleaders that were part of the group, but not making the quilt. Their very important job was to cheer, oh and ah. They did a terrific job.

The strong group of teachers taught, notes were swapped online and techniques were discussed.

And after the last block was revealed, the pictures started coming in

And what did the quilters think?

Bo Renn: This was great fun!

Margaret Hahndiek: Eight hundred and eighty-three pieces are stitched into this. Yes, 883. Phew! (let’s not count the odd two or twenty that were incorrectly stitched or over cut 🤫) The results with my colour selection got me playing around with the layout – lots of photos and squinching of eyes and I settled on this. I don’t really name my quilts, but will call this one Blueberry Muffin. In real life those darks are blueberry hues. And in real life the “muffin lady” gave us those blocks. Thanks DanĂ©l.
I’m pretty chuffed with the result, even though I did consider naming it “Missing The Point” while working on it. You wouldn’t think Freezer Paper Piecing could turn out dicey points too, would you…. and I paper pieced the entire quilt.

Una Mostert: My quilt se naam is Sugus (suck a fruity tangy chewy sugus). Danel het die naam uitgedink (dankie). Onthou julle daai ad in die 80s vir Sugus lekkers?

Delia: I first thought the middle was too dark but there is a lot of white on the first blocks. It is going on the wall above guest bed….. I think.
Thank you!

Ilse de Koker: Seven weeks ago we embarked on a mysterious adventure. En dit was amazing. Ek voel ek het nuwe vriendinne gemaak en baie pret gehad en ek het rerig nuwe tegnieke geleer. Baie dankie aan elke vrou op hierdie groep. Ek dink elkeen is ‘n Spreuke 31 vrou

I want to thank every person that participated, cheered, lurked and supported this project. Jacaranda Quilters Guild is about you.
– DanĂ©l Muller
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