Mystery Quilt: On your marks, get set!

Fabric Palet by Creamsicle

We have decided that the members of Jacaranda Quilters Guild need something beautiful, and spectacular to do. We have therefore decided to run a mystery quilt. As most of the quilters recently showed in the survey we sent out, the quilt is for intermediate and advanced quilters, but there will be help available if you get stuck or you are unsure of the processes.

Each week, for 6 weeks, we will send the next set of instructions. Some weeks will be a little to make, other weeks more.

There is no cost involved to quilt along. All patterns will be available to download in pdf format. Remember, when printing out a .pdf pattern, to click the “actual size” button to get a true size pattern.

The quilt consists of 18 blocks, of which some are only quarter blocks and half-blocks as this quilt is set on point. The quilt finishes at 130cm x 130cm, without sashing or borders. You are welcome to add those to enlarge the quilt.

The most important feature of the fabric choice is the colour value. The pattern calls for five shades ranging from light to dark to create an ombre effect. I’ve asked some of our vendors with fabric shops to send us suggestions of colour palettes. They haven’t seen the pattern either. Thanks Shanida Arnoldi of @creamsiclequilting for the three suggestions you sent. I tried all three on the pattern and it works great!

Debbie du Toit of Debbie’s Cabin sent her suggestion: (I love that french fabric second from the top)

If there are any other vendors that want to send their inspiration, please contact Danél Muller at 0824167690.


  • Dark – 1/2m (50cm)
  • Dark Medium – 1/2m (50cm)
  • Medium 3/4m (75cm)
  • Light Medium 1/2m (50cm)
  • Light 1m (100cm)

To make up for the lack of distance and camaraderie, we are setting up a WhatsApp group for those that want to make this quilt to show and tell and encourage each other while we work. Please send a WhatsApp message to Danél Muller at 082 416 7690 to join.

Hold your phone as if you are going to take a picture of this block – it will add you to the Whatsapp group

or click on this link on your phone

The pattern was designed from block patterns in the public domain, and Jacaranda Quilters Guild holds the quilt copyrights 2020. This pattern is a quilt-along pattern and may not be used to teach other classes.


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