Newsletter May 2016

NO. 84

The newsletter for quilters in and around the Jacaranda city / Die nuusbrief vir kwilters in en om die Jakarandastad

Quilt Photo: Tracy Jackson’s Hexagon Edging. Used with permission.

Inside this issue:

  • News from the Chair
  • From the SAQG Desk
  • Youth Block Challenge 2016 Update
  • Exhibition of quilts at Friendship Meetings
  • Home Group News
  • Library News /Biblioteeknuus
  • Creative Hands Exhibition Stepping Out
  • Block of the Meeting
  • 2016 Workshops and Demonstrations
  • Quilt Labels – Are they important?

News from the Chair – Claire Wallace

So Easter has come and gone taking with it perhaps the last of the rain and really hot weather. My kids have decided that the pool is now definitely too cold for swimming and our one Yorkshire Terrier has started to shiver in the mornings. It seems to be like clockwork that the weather cools down after Easter, but the upside is that I can start wearing boots again… ! I love boots! I’m not a fan of winter…summer is definitely my thing, but I’m looking forward to wearing my boots and to trying out the Aga in our new house! I’m told you either love an Aga or hate it. I’m an open book at this stage because I have no idea how it works or how to cook with it. Ah well… it will be fun trying it out!

The start of the year has been hectic for me. I had a very exciting trip to Natal at the end of February to teach some machine quilting classes and be the guest speaker at the Natal guild. Then a week later I headed to Malmesbury in the Cape with Petro van Rooyen and Telene Jeffrey to run a Machine Quilters Bootcamp. We had a huge amount of fun and it just proves to me again that no matter where you are, quilters are amazing people. We had four ladies join us from Namibia too. Listening to their stories of living on farms in the middle of nowhere really made me feel spoiled to have so many things and shops on my doorstep. It was nothing for them to jump in the car and drive 12 hours to join us for a week of quilting…not sure how many of us would do that!

My dad was here from the UK for a week and given that I don’t see him very often I tried to spend as much time with him as possible. I’m not good at sitting still so I took the opportunity to work on my Brown Bag Challenge. In the beginning I really didn’t know what to do but in the end decided to work on my hand applique skills learned from Marline Turner in February. I’m pleased to say my piece is coming along nicely and I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy for being on top of something for a change!…normally I’m a last-minute-kind-a-gal! I hope those of you who entered the challenge have made some kind of start, even if just planning. I really love the idea that you can make anything you want, whatever size you want. I started out thinking I’d make a set of placemats…because I need stuff for the house and don’t get time to make things for us…but once I got started, my ideas changed and I’m off on a different tack. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

The Youth Block Challenge final deadline has come and gone. Thanks to the 7 Jacaranda members who took it upon themselves to mentor children through this project. Between you, there are 13 entries out of a total of 55 entries countrywide. This makes Jacaranda the guild with the most participants. While I would have liked to see more entries, I’m still proud of our guild for leading the way. Thank you ladies for giving your valuable time to promote quilting to the younger generations.

My girls have another 2 weeks at school before they go on holiday so I’m looking forward to getting some serious quilting done. I’ve not had much chance to focus on actual quilting for a while and I have some nice customer quilts to work on…another Dear Jane is on my frame and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into a couple of Double Wedding ring quilts too. I hope you are busy with some exciting projects and that we’ll be able to see them soon!

Happy Quilting


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