Newsletter January 2018

Jan 30, 2018

Newsletter  January 2018

NO. 90

The newsletter for quilters in and around the Jacaranda city / Die nuusbrief vir kwilters in en om die Jakarandastad

Photo: The New Hexagon by Katja Marek

Inside this issue:

  • Word from the chair
  • JQG Committee 2018
  • JQG Dates 2018
  • JKG Brokkies
  • JQG Member Contributions
  • The New Hexagon
  • 2018 Workshops and Demonstrations
    • JQG Friendship Meeting Workshop
    • FREE workshop on National Quilters’ Day!
  • JQG Friendship Meeting Workshop
  • FREE workshop on National Quilters’ Day!
  • Library Corner
  • Home Groups displaying at JQG – 10 Feb. 2018
    • Wapad Quilters – Ethelwyn Remmers
    • Millenium Bees – Lida Brand
    • Loslappies – Marié Meyer
    • Display Calendar 2018/2019
  • Quilter of the Year and Jacaranda Award
  • National Quilt Festival 2019
  • Centurion Quilters
  • Die Moot Kwilters
  • Home Groups Affiliated to JQG
  • JQG Membership Fees
  • Advertisers
  • JQG Jigsaw Puzzle Fun

Word from the chair
– Erla Cilliers –

Dear quilting friends

Believe it or not the first month of the New Year is already over halfway, and some of us are still recovering from the festive season’s indulgences… Personally I bought very little fabric in the UK, but there were many other nice notions with the ‘I am sure I have not seen this in any of the shops at home’ excuse. I hope you had a relaxing break spending time with family and friends and that we are all enthusiastic and full of ideas, be it just to finish at least half of our UFO’s or to get a kick start on next year’s competition entry for National Quilt Festival. Anything in between will also do, as long as we keep quilting!

This year Jacaranda Guild celebrates its 20th birthday, and we have thought of making something special to commemorate the day with a project to which all who want to can contribute. Join us at the Friendship meeting on 10 February AT OUR NEW VENUE  where all will be revealed. This project is in addition to the High Tea that we are contemplating to have in November to celebrate our 20th birthday, so be there or you will miss it!

Our theme for the year is shapes less tried, and the first meeting will be all about the hexagon – from English paper pieced ones to miniatures to the New Hexagons, which have many smaller pieces sewn into the final hexagon. We shall also have a very interesting guest speaker, Elsa Brits, a former president of SAQG, who will be sharing the history of the hexagon with us.

I would also like to welcome Alette Brink as our new Newsletter Editor – thank you for your willingness to donate some time to guild activities. The committee members have an on-going desire to keep our guild interesting and vibrant, and can only do so with volunteers among our members.

Lastly, I came across this great motto the other day….make today so awesome that yesterday becomes jealous!

Quilting regards

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