Newsletter February 2014

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NO. 77

The newsletter for quilters in and around the Jacaranda city / Die nuusbrief vir kwilters in en om die Jakarandastad

Inside this issue:

  •  Agenda and Map to Venue for Friendship Meeting: 8 February 2014 see pg. 24.
  • Theme for 8 Feb – Flowers
  • National Festival 2015
  • Luscious Little Layerings and
  • Journal quilts
  • Blankets of Love
  • Courses for 2014
  • Community Projects
  • Home Groups
  • Ergonomics of Sewing, and more!

News from the Chair – Lorraine Gordon

Hi to all my Quilting friends, old and new,

Every year people say ‘Oh Happy New Year’, but do we really mean it? Do we follow up with a phone call, a visit, or a text message. I know there is Facebook, Twitter, e-mails etc., but if you don’t have a computer or fancy Blackberry and the like, then it’s not possible to keep in touch with friends. Let’s make this a friendship year!

At Jacaranda Quilters we lose friends every year and we make new ones, we start new quilting groups, friendships are formed and can carry on for years, so let’s make an effort. Keep in touch with your quilting friends, have get-togethers, morning teas or just spend time chatting and laughing. Cry if you have to, but cheer up!

yellow flowers

This year I really mean ‘have a wonderful year’ filled with laughter, love, good health, lots of quilting and awesome friendships.

At our Friendship meeting on the 8th Feb please wear a name tag (I remember faces but not always a name). Life can be very lonely and depressing, but sometimes just a smile, a pat on the arm or even a simple “Hello” means so much and can brighten somebody’s day.

Our theme for the next meeting is ‘Flowers’, so put on your flowery outfits, wear a hat for the sun and let’s have a great get-together!

One last thing…..Lead SA and The Pretoria News are collecting stationery for ALL school children, they want to make sure that no kid is without. So pleeeeeeeeease bring some stationery with you. Pencils, erasers, pens, crayons, rulers, notebooks or anything you can afford. Thanks!

Committee members will be wearing a purple fabric flower in to identify themselves.

Challenge Packs and Festival 2015 brochures will be available from Jeanette Botha’s shop Simply Stitches.

See you all next month!

Yours in Quilting

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