National Quilters’ Day

National Quilters’ Day –  15 March 2014 

Venue:    Lynnwood Trinity Church, 495 Lovers Walk, Lynnwood

Time:      09h00 – 15h00

Bring:    Mug, plate of eats to share for lunch (dessert will be provided).

Tea/coffee and milk will be provided.

RSVP:     Erla Cilliers – 0823370037 after hours.

Cost:       Free

Project:  Luscious Little Layerings for Festival 2015’s Tombola Stall

Making little quilts is a great way to try out new techniques or ideas, or to try new blocks or applique patterns, or even to perfect your machine or hand quilting. You soon find you have a growing stack of them.

Creating your own ‘Luscious Little Layering’ is simple. Start by making sure your small quilt is A4 in size when finished. Working small allows you to become adventurous and experimental – it allows you to risk trying new tools and techniques, letting your creative energy flow. Working small will give you a new focus – like taking a close-up picture with your camera. A good idea is to use a piece of A4 paper as a template to check, but for a quick reference the sizing is 21 cm by 29.7 cm or 8 •••” by 11 5/8”.

The Top: The design of the ‘Luscious Little Layerings’ (or LLLs as they are commonly called) can be traditional or contemporary, it can be pieced, appliqued, worked on whole cloth, embellished, be combined styles or even a creative experiment. All kinds of techniques and styles are possible! Perhaps you’d like to try a favourite block, on a smaller scale, in foundation or transform all your unfinished blocks into a layering, or use this as an opportunity to try out a quilting pattern. Your Luscious Little Layering can be landscape or portrait and the scale used for miniature quilts does not need to be applied but again this is your choice.

The Middle: Quilting is just that for one simple reason and it is the 3 layers stitched together. It needs to be three layers, joined by stitches – the middle layer could be batting or some other material sandwiched between the top and bottom layer of fabric. You’ll need to have a few stitches going through all the layers; this will ensure that the backing stays on securely.

The Back, Edges and Label: To make the backing, cut any fabric, printed or plain A4 size, making sure it isn’t smaller than the quilt top and batting. The edges should be finished appropriately – you may wish to bind it conventionally, or to finish with satin stitch, or to use some other method of finishing the edge that remains is your creative choice. Hanging sleeves are not essential but a label is. The label should include the title of the quilt, your name and email address along with any information you want to provide about ‘the story behind the quilt’. See more at:

Requirements for Luscious Little Layerings:

  • Fabric for top of quiltlet – your own choice according to your own idea
  • Batting, backing, binding (or finish of your choice), label
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Extension lead

All Luscious Little Layerings must be finished, displayed and handed in at the JQG Friendship meeting on 14 June 2014.