JQG Mystery Quilt – instructions for Block 6

Swing in the Centre

The last block is the centre of the quilt a block.  You need to make only one of these. Make sure the block measures 12” plus ½” seam allowance!

This block is a nine patch, consisting of four almost-block-in-a-block squares, flying geese, and once again a block-in-a-block in the middle. Top and bottom left and right blocks are true flying geese.  

You can paper foundation piece the geese or:

Cut one square, 5 ¼” x 5 ¼” (4” wide + 1 ¼”)

Cut four squares, 2 7/8” x 2 7/8” (2” + 7/8”)

Line up the corners of the large square and one of the small ones, and then diagonally with a second small square. Mark the diagonal center and stitch both sides of the centerline. Cut on the centerline

Repeat with the other two small squares to complete the geese.

This pattern for paper foundation piecing is attached. There is also a pattern for piecing, either hand or machine for those of you that prefer to do it that way.

Download Paper Foundation pattern

Make sure to post your finished blocks on our Facebook page and/or WhatsApp Group.

Contact Danél Muller – Tel 082 416 7690 if you are not on the WhatsApp group.

I have been playing around with borders, and the more industrious of you may want to repeat the blocks around the border in half size blocks:

I also played around with the Kona solid swatches Shanida Arnoldi gave at the onset of this project.

Some different colour variations

I also looked at the effect sashing will give:

Wide borders, small borders.

It has been a great honor and pleasure to run this project with you.

Danél Muller
Jacaranda Quilters Guild – Courses and Training


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