JQG Friendship Meeting

Dear All,

We are looking forward to our next JQG Friendship Meeting, with YOU, this Saturday, 19 October, at the Valleisig NG Church, 773 Tipperary Way, Faerie Glen.
Below is your handy list, so that you will not leave anything important at home:

1. Outstanding JQG Library books
2. Subscriptions 2020 – Proof of Payment / Cash in a marked envelope, please.

  • Annual fee: R170 (R100 for 65+ years)
  • Banking details:
  • Jacaranda Quilters’ Guild
  • ABSA – 907 578 4725
  • Branch – Sinoville

3. Any last minute Charity School Chair Bags.
4. Any school stationary that you wish to add to the School Chair Bags: crayons, pencils, glue sticks, sharpeners, erasers.
5. Share your strip Christmas Prints – 2 strips of 2,5″ x WOF, or 4 Fat Quarter strips of 2,5″ x 20″ per entry
6. Any Scrap Fabrics to be made into cushions towards Wollies Animal Project (last morsels are used as stuffing)
7. Scissors, rotary blades and knives to be sharpened by Roelf (knives are cheaper than scissors)
8. Donation money towards Breast Cancer Month in exchange for a pink cupcake.
9. Coffee/Tea mug
10. Please send an email to Laetitia (laetitia.cilliers@gmail.com) if you still wish to attend the “Make a Gift” Workshop after the meeting.
11. Show and tell – We would love to see your Festival Class Items!

Kind regards and hope to see you there,


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