9 – Prepare the side Panel

Vinyl bag block upcycle

The next step is to prepare the side panel.

When cutting your pieces, you had a choice to cut 1 piece of 53″x 5″ or three pieces of 18″x 5″.

If you cut out 3 pieces, you have to join them to form one long piece of 53″ x 5″.

If this was cotton, you would have joined them with a quarter inch seam, but this is vinyl. Tack the seams together with double sided tape. Sew. Cover with trim and sew. The seams will be on the inside of the bag.

If you find that your machine battles with the vinyl, put apiece of stitch- and-tear, or toilet paper underneath the vinyl. This will allow your machine to have better traction and the vinyl won’t stick to your machine.

Magda Swanepoel suggested that you can lightly dust the vinyl with talkum powder before you sew, to prevent the vinyl from clinging to your sewing machine table.  

Attach a piece of webbing on the two short sides.

Paste the double sided tape on the edge of the vinyl. Take off the protecting paper strip. Place the vinyl on the webbing and press down. The webbing is NOT folded in half the way we normally attach a binding. It is merely folded in half over the edge.

Paste the double sided tape on the other side and press down to tack.

Sew the edging in place.

There is no need to do more than neaten the sides as another edging will cover the first.

Repeat on the other short side.


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