7 – Attach the quilted block to the vinyl

Vinyl bag block upcycle

The time has now come to start on our main project of the day: The vinyl bag.

The first thing we are going to do is to attach the quilt block to one of the vinyl sides. The technique is a little unconventional but works wonders with the sticky, slippery vinyl. It works well to sew with the vinyl side on the top – in order to give your sewing machine grip on the fabric from beneath.

Find the centre of the quilted orphan block

Find the center of the quilted orphan block

Find the center of one of the vinyl square panels of the block.

Line up the center of the block and the center of the vinyl block so that the vinyl covers the quilted block and the right side of the orphaned block shows through the plastic vinyl.

Carefully fold the vinyl block back halfway.

Paste a line of double sided tape right on the edge of the quilt block that is now exposed. Remove the back side of the tape and carefully, fold the vinyl back to stick the vinyl to the quilt.

Repeat the process with al three other sides. Press down firmly to make sure the quilt sticks to the vinyl.

With your sewing machine, stitch a quarter inch from the edge of the QUILT. It is easiest to sew vinyl side up. Stitch slowly. Use a walking foot or teflon pressure foot if you have one.

Once the block is attached, quilt a couple of lines through both the vinyl and the quilt to keep it in place.

Paste a line of double sided tape on the outer edge of the stitching line on the vinyl. This has to cover the raw edge of the quilt. Remove the back side of the tape and carefully paste a piece of ribbon trim to conceal the raw edge. You can choose to miter the corners with the ribbon trim. Turn the quilt over and repeat the process on the other side if you wish to edge off the quilt on the inside as well.

Stitch the ribbon trim in place.

Make a bow or attach a button to cover the start and stop.

You can also use bias binding in stead of the ribbon trim, or bind the quilt with a conventional binding before you attach it to the vinyl.

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