2021 Mystery Quilt – Block 15

Garden Patch

This is the final block to complete the outside border before we add the 4 corner blocks to our mystery quilt.

Block 15 is titled “Garden Patch”.  It is also known as “54-40 or Fight Quilt Block”.  A 3 x 3 grid block.

It is always interesting to know where things originate from and the same can be said about this block.

54-40 (Oregon border latitude in 1840’s) or “Fight” was used as a slogan in a political campaign for Tennessee unknown, James Polk in 1844.  He went on to become the president but he didn’t win the 54th parallel.

This quilt block didn’t show up in print until 1933, 89 years after Polk made the slogan popular.  Now it’s possible that the block had been being made for 89 years.  In the 30s, big newspapers started publishing quilt block patterns and Nancy Cabot released this one in 1933 in the Chicago Tribune. She was of opinion that since women had no outlet for political expression, this block was a way for American women to express their patriotism. Which quilt block do you think we have to celebrate this year? Quite a rich history behind this block…..

As always, remember to post your progress on the JQG Chat group.

Download the pattern

Only one more block to go……….

This is the way your block should look now.


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