2021 Mystery Quilt – Block 13

Apple Pie

Hi Ladies, have had your fill of pies yet? If not, here is a healthier alternative for you. Not too sweet but not too savory either… just right. This one is just the dessert for a cold and gloomy day.

Block 13 is titled “Apple Pie”.  This block is also a 3 x3 grid block with some flying geese in the mix to spice it up a bit.  Do you smell the cinnamon in the pie?

Did you know that the first apple pie recipe was printed over 630 years ago in England in 1381? The list of ingredients included good apples, good spices, figs, raisins, pears, saffron, and wrapped in a coffyn (a type of pastry crust that wasn’t eaten).   Early English apple pies had no sugar because sugar was very expensive. Sweet fruits, like figs, were added instead.

Archaeologists have found evidence that people have been eating apples since at least 6500 B.C

Now this block does not date that far back as it would appear that most of the quilt blocks we use in our quilts today started appearing from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The Templates used in this block is almost exactly the same as used elsewhere in this pattern.

Download the Template sheet.

I hope you enjoy making this block and remember to post your progress on our JQG Project Chat Group.

Until next time…….


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